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Ceratocyrtis(?) cantharoides Sugiyama and Furutani, 1992

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Ceratocyrtis(?) cantharoides
Eucephalis hemispherical, with numerous conical to needle­like by­spines, pierced by small, circular to oval pores; bars circular to oval in cross section. Ante­ and postcephalic lobes moderately developed. Internal skeleton as with genus (see Sugiyama, in press) but Ax is always wart­like. A extending outside cephalis and having one or two, possibly more short branches on the dorsal side. They form a flat, characteristic apical spine. V also extending into a short spine which is bladed or non­bladed and flatted in the sagittal plane. Thorax variable in shape from inflated conical to nearly cylindrical; bars thicker than cephalic ones; pores subcircular, distally aligned in longitudinal rows. Thoracic margin with numerous needle­like terminal teeth prolonged from thoracic ribs.
The generic assignment remains tentative since its smaller test and wart­like Ax are rather different from other species of Ceratocyrtis.
Height of test except apical spine 85­-140 µm; maximum width of thorax 78­-118 µm; length of apical spine up to 53µm; based on 24 specimens.
The name is derived from the Greek kanhtaros, a beetle, alluding to its spines.
Sugiyama and Furutani 1992











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