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Cystophormis ob Petrushevskaya, 1975

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Cystophormis ob
Cephalis rather thin-walled, distinctly multilobated. Peristome short. About 6-8 longitudinal rows of the pores on a half of the equator of the thorax. Pores arrangement may be irregular. Pores rather large, 3-5 in one row.
Miocene. Early Miocene specimens have thicker walls than the typical middle-late Miocene specimen.
Description is based on 13 specimens from Site 278 (Core 12, Section 1 to Core 26, Section 6). Holotype No. 63217 in the collection of Marine Hydrobiology of Zoological Institut. Form B species is named after the Soviet Explorer Antarctic Ship Ob. Species differs from all known species of Carpocanids by the fewer pores and the thin-walled cephalis. It is closer to C. favosa gr., the difference being the absence in C. ob of the characteristic for C. favosa peristom and the fewer number of large pores in C. ob.
Petrushevskaya 1975











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