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Artostrobus(?) pretabulatus Petrushevskaya, 1975

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Artostrobus(?) pretabulatus
Skeleton cylindrical, two segments. Cephalis rather typical for Theocampidae, nearly the same as in Artostrobus sp. Cr. and A. pusillum. The second segment has the same outline as these two species but the pores are arranged in longitudinal (not transverse) rows; about five longitudinal rows on a half of the equator. This feature is quite untypical for A. annulatus, but in some specimens of Artostrobus sp. Cr. longitudinal rows can be seen. The arrangement of the pores and their size in A. pretabulatus are nearly the same as in Sethoconus tabulatus (Ehrenberg) (see Petrushevskaya, 1967, pi. 54, fig. 1-8). In Sethoconus (?) tabulatus the skeleton is shorter, has thinner walls, and the number of the longitudinal rows of pores is a bit larger than in A. pretabulatus.
The description is based on 14 specimens from Site 278 (Sample 31-3, 40 cm; Core 27, Section 3, and Core 26, Section 4) plus some additional cores. Holotype No. 62246.
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