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Larcopyle hayesi (Chen, 1975)

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Prunopyle hayesi
Description: Shell prune-shaped, consisting of radiating spines and densely spiral shell. Pylome circular, large, and surrounded by 12-19 conical spines. Pores framed by hexagonal bars and aligned with the radiating spines through each layer of the spiral shell (Plate 9, Figure 5). Measurements based on 35 specimens from Samples 274-21-3, 54-64 cm; 274-21, CC; 274-22, CC; and 274-23, CC: major axis of the shell, 270µ-315µ; minor axis of the shell, 207µ-252µ; diameter of pylome, 89µ-101µ.
Remarks: This species is characterized by its hexagonally framed pores, and densely spiral shell. This species is named after Dennis E. Hayes, one of the co-chief scientists of Leg 28.
Abundance: Common.
Range: Lower Oligocene to Miocene.
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