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Eucyrtidium punctatum (Ehrenberg, 1844)

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Lithocampe punctata
L. loricae oblongae apice capitato rotundo inermi, pororum parvorum in 1/100''' 6 seriebus obliquis densis (decussatis), articulis fere 4.
Long. 1/25'''.Caltanisetta.
Hujus var. β in ipsa capitis apertura tres dentes acutos gerit .
Ehrenberg 1844
Eucyrtidium punctatum group:
In this species group we include a number of stichocyrtids with a small, spherical cephalis; a long, conical thorax attaining the same width as the subsequent subcylindrical segments; and pores aligned longitudinally. More than one species may be included, but we have been unable to separate them satisfactorily.
Sanfilippo et al 1973
Eucrytidium punctatum (sic)
Cephalis small and spherical, 28 µm in diameter with short conical apical spine. Shell spindle-shape, 133 µm in length with cephalis, thorax, abdomen and fourth segment but without strictures. Shell wall with three annular joints and projected inwards. Ratio of length among three segments except for cephalis 2:2:1. Lattice structure below last segment thinner than wall of other segments and has various sized irregularly scattered pores.
Remarks: Eucyrtidium yatuoense Nakaseko has the same shell form and size as those of this species, and is a junior synonym. This species is similar to E. calvertense in the outer shell form, but the latter has five or more segments.

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