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Eucyrtidium acuminatum (Ehrenberg, 1844)

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Lithocampe acuminata
L. loricae turgidae oblongae utrinque attenuatae apice (anteriore?) non capitato, acuminato, pororum angustiorum seriebus densis longitudinalibus, articulis 7-8. Long. 1/16'''. Caltanisetta.
Ehrenberg 1844
Eucyrtidium acuminatum
Cephalis simple, spherical, with numerous small subcircular pores. Short conical apical horn usually present. Primary lateral and dorsal spines continue as ribs in the thoracic wall for its entire length; rarely, these become external, forming wings. Collar stricture indistinct. Thorax small, conical, sometimes slightly inflated; thick-walled, with subcircular pores aligned approximately longitudinally. Lumbar stricture not indented externally. Abdomen and 4-5 post-abdominal segments, thick-walled, of approximately equal length, expanding distally to a maximum breadth at about the third post-abdominal segment; then, in complete specimens, narrowing to a quite constricted mouth. No peristome or terminal teeth but, rarely, with a short cylindrical terminal tube. Pores small, subcircular, aligned longitudinally, 4-6 per segment in a vertical series. Final segments may become irregular.
Nigrini 1967











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