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Cycladophora golli regipileus (Chen, 1975)

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Lophocyrtis regipileus
Description: Cephalis small, cap-shaped, separated from thorax by a slight change in contour, with small circular pores, bearing two spines, one apical, conical, or 3-bladed, and as much as twice the length of the cephalis, the other vertical, three-bladed. Thorax campanulate, slightly narrower at the base, with maximum width of the shell at the middle of the thorax; thoracic wall thick. Thoracic pores circular, arranged in transverse rows, increasing in size distally commonly hexagonally framed in the lower 4-5 rows. Lumbar stricture distinct. Abdomen cylindrical, sometimes with a constriction at the middle; therefore, inverted conical when the lower half broken off, with 2-4 rows of subcircular pores; wall thinner than thoracic wall.
Measurements based on 25 specimens from Samples 266-18-3, 51-53 cm; 266-17-3, 50-52 cm; and 266-15-3, 50-52 cm: length of the shell (excluding apical spine), 90µ-123µ; maximum width of the thorax, 85µ-110µ.
Remarks: This species is similar to Clathrocyclas bicornis Hays but differs from the latter in having a smaller apical horn and smaller thoracic pores. Also, in this species the maximum width of the shell is at the middle of the thorax as opposed to C. bicornis, with maximum width at the base of the thorax. The specific name is a combination of the Latin regis (King's) and pileus (cap), and is used as a noun in apposition.
Abundance: Present to common.
Range: Lower to middle Miocene.
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