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Larcopyle labyrinthusa Lazarus et al., 2005

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Derivation of name. The name comes from the latin labyrinthus and refers to the labrinthine whorls.
Holotype. Plate 5, figs 16, 17; 689B-6H-1,116 (Middle Miocene, Weddell Sea). Museum für Naturkunde, Mikropaläontologie No. ECO-18, circle 2.
Description. The characteristically indented, sub-spherical shell is about 100 µm long. The outer wall is perforated by circular pores of similar size, which are surrounded by weak to strong frames. A double spiral can be seen which forms three widely spaced whorls, including the outer shell. Widely spaced beams connect the whorls internally and a few may project as short, scattered spines in a irregular distribution on the shell surface. The pylome is clearly visible, forming a tube with rather long teeth.
Lazarus et al 2005











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