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Dictyophimus infabricatus Nigrini, 1968

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Shell thin-walled, smooth, conical to inflated conical. Cephalis simple, spherical, with numerical small subcircular pores. Apical horn usually 1 to 2 times the cephalic length (rarely longer), either 3-bladed or cylindrical) vertical horn present, usually shorter than apical horn, but sometimes equally developed. Both apical and vertical spines free of shell wall. Thin by-spines present on cephalic and upper thorax. Collar stricture distinct. Thorax tetrahedral with 3 strong, 3-bladed or cylindrical ribs, corresponding to primary lateral and dorsal spines; ribs either divergent or bowed, tapering distally, and extending beyond the thoracic lattice, which is usually attached to the ribs for its entire length. Pores subcircular to subangular, aligned longitudinally and increasing in size distally. Termination invariably ragged.
Nigrini 1968











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