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Gondwanaria hister Petrushevskaya, 1975

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Lipmanella (?) sp. M
The thorax, the spines and the pores are very much the same as in Lipmanella (?) sp. aff. Lithomelissa amazon. The difference is in the smaller dimensions and in the cephalis being constricted at its base, with pronounced subdivision into upper and lower parts.

Petrushevskaya and Kozlova 1972
Cephalis with a neck. The thorax is subglobal or nearly ellipsoidal, about 60ยต; abdomen reduced. The number of the pores is the same as in G. japonica (about 7-9 on a half of the equator). Pores rather small, arranged far apart. The shell mouth is constricted. In tropical Atlantic deposits the species is restricted to Calocycletta costata Zone; also in the middle Miocene in the Antarctic. The description is based on five specimens from Site 278 (Core 21), and some additional samples. Holotype No. 62250 in the Collection of Marine Hydrobiology. The sense of the species name is "tot" = little fellow.
Petrushevskaya 1975











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