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Lipmanella tribranchiata Dumitrica, 1973

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Cephalis is globular, poreless, with pitted surface, and armed with a long conical horn. Cephalis structure is as described above. Collar stricture is distinct. Thorax and abdomen are delicate, thin-walled and commonly of similar breadth. Thorax is triangular and pyramidal. The three sides of the pyramid are smooth and with circular equal pores quincunically arranged in oblique rows. The dorsal and primary lateral spines project almost hotizontally from the cephalis forming three lattice wings. From the base of each wing descend two divergent crests which are connected with the latticed crests of the neighboring wings at the level of the lumbar suture. Below these crests, that form three u-shaped curves on the thorax, the primary shell of the thorax, and even abdomen, is covered by an additional spongy network. Pores of the abdomen are similar to those of the thorax.
Dimensions: Diameter of cephalis is 30-33µ; of thorax 110-140µ; and of abdomen 100-145µ. Length of thorax is 90-115µ and of the incomplete abdomen 50-65µ.
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