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Eucyrtidium infundibulum (Haeckel, 1887)

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Shell in the upper half subconical, in the lower half subcylindrical, rough, with four slight strictures. Cephalis hemispherical. Thorax conical. Abdomen subcylindrical, three-jointed. Pores of the scond, third, and fourth joints funnel-shaprd, with very small inner, and larger double-contoured outer aperture; on the thorax twelve transverse rows, on the third and fourth joints five rows. Fifth joint with irregular, polygonal pores.
Dimensions: Length of the shell (with five joints) 0.2; length of the thorax 0.06, breadth 0.08; length of each abdominal joint 0.04, breadth 0.08.
Haeckel 1887











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