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Nephrospyris renilla lana Goll, 1980

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This subspecies is similar in every respect to N. renilla renilla, except for the fine lattice plates, which are composed of delicate bars one third to one fifth the size of the other lattice bars. These lattice plates cover the pair of large sagittal lattice pores on the front and back of the skeleton. On some specimens, these lattice plates also cover adjacent large lattice pores. Lattice plate development ranges from loose trellises to dense meshes. On old specimens, the lattice plates are joined directly to the external rigde on the front of the sagittal ring and at a point above the vertical spine on the back of the sagittal ring. A single short connector bar projecting from the midpoint of the front of the sagittal ring is joined to the middle of the lattice plate of these specimens, and the back lattice plate is free of the sagittal ring.
This subspecies has a pronounced size range. The maximum width of the lattice shell varies from 290-580mm, based on measurements of 35 specimens from various Leg 54 samples.
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