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Lychnocanoma sphaerothorax Weaver, 1976

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Cephalis hemispherical, bearing a conical, apical horn, of approximately the same length, and a few small scattered pores. Separated from the thorax by a sharp collar stricture. Thorax truncate spherical with hexagonally framed subcircular to circular pores arranged in descussate rows. Three short, stout bladed feet, slightly diverted outward.
Measurements: based on 25 specimens from Samples 323-3,CC and 323-5,CC: length of apical horn, 30-36µm; cephalis, 28-32µm; thorax, 90-102µm; feet, 30-48µm; maximum diameter of the thorax, 96-120µm; diameter of thoracic pores, 4-12µm.
Weaver 1976











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