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Cyrtocapsella eldholmi Bjørklund, 1976

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This species is the largest Cyrtocapsella species recovered from the Norwegian Sea sediments. Twenty-five specimens were examined with a width of the third segment varying between 120 and 150µm, and a height of the three first segments varying between 130 and 160µm. Cephalis is spherical, furnished with a well-developed apical spine (pl. 17, fig. 11). Thorax is widely campanulated with rounded pores, 5-10Mm, equally distributed, thorax wall thick.
The abdominal, third, segment is separated from the thorax with a well-defined lumbar stricture. The third segment is thick walled with the same pore ornamentation as on the thorax. The abdominal fourth segment, when present, is characterized by its thinner wall and its variable outline, with the two extreme forms shown on Plate 17, Figures 11,12, between which a series of intermediates exists.
Dimensions of holotype: Width and height of cephalis are equal, 30µm. Width and height of thorax are 105µm and 60µm, respectively. Width and height of the third segment are 133µm and 63µm, respectively. The apical spine, 23µm, and the vertical spine 13µm. Holotype (pl.17, fig. 11) from Sample 338-12-2,145-147cm.
Remarks: This species is so outstanding both in size and structure, that it should be easy to distinguish from the other Cyrtocapsella species (pl. 17, figs. 14-20), present in Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean sediments.
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