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Ceratocyrtis mashae Bjørklund, 1976

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This species is very similar to Ceratocyrtis robustus, differing in having a thorax which is tapering towards the oral end, by the more pronounced incorporation of the cephalis into the thoracic wall, and by its smaller size (cephalis and thorax).
Dimesions of holotype: It is not possible to give exact measurements of the cephalis, due to the heavy ornamentation of the test in the junction area of the cephalis and the thorax. The greatest width of the thorax is 125µm, while the length of the test is 160µm. Holotype (pl. 17, fig.1) from Sample 338-11-3,135-137cm.
Of the 25 specimens measured, the width of the thorax varied between 112 and 140µm, with an average of 128µm.
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