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Siphocampe corbula (Harting, 1863)

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Shell thin-walled, smooth, subcylindrical, consisting of 4 segments of which the fourth is the broadest. Cephalis approximately spherical with a well-developed, poreless, lateral tubule which curves downwards so as to lie close to the thorax; numerous subcircular pores; no apical horn. Collar stricture indistinct.
Thorax short, truncate conical, with circular to subcircular pores arranged approximately in transverse rows. Lumbar and post-lumbar strictures distinct. Abdomen annular, somewhat longer than thorax. Pores small, subcircular to squarish, arranged in 5-8 regular closely spaced transverse rows.
Fourth segment 2-4 times as long as abdomen, in 9-17 transverse rows. Segments tapers slightly distally and ends in a generally poreless peristome. Termination smooth.
Dimensions: Total length 119-173µ. Length of cephalis 9-18µ; of thorax 9-23µ; of abdomen 18-27µ; of fourth segment 54-109µ. Maximum breadth 54-81µ.
Nigrini 1967











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