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Lamprocyrtis haysi Kling, 1973

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Two-segmented forms with hemispherical to cylindrical cephalis, commonly open, with irregularly arranged circular to elliptical pores and a three-bladed apical spine and ususally one or more accessory spines. Collar stricture indistinct. Thorax inflated conical, thin-walled, smooth, with subcircular (rarely elliptical to irregular) pores generally aligned in longitudinal and transverse rows (rarely irregularly arranged) and gradually increasing in size distally. Thorax terminates, sometimes slightly constricted, with an irregular row of small teeth; a weak peristome is seldom developed.
Dimensions: Based on 15 specimens from 173-4-3 (57-59) and 173-3-3 (106-108), maximum width 80-90µ length from top of cephalis 100-150µ, thoracic pores 2-20µ.
Kling 1973











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