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Pterocanium korotnevi (Dogiel, 1952)

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Thorax in the form of a cupola or a perforated pot with rounded, small pores of uneven size. Three massive, faceted and slightly convex (outward) basal spines extending from the lower rim of the cupola. The spines extend from the rim of the cupola at an angle of 120° to each other. The length of the basal spines somewhat exceeds the combined length of the cupola and the apical spine. The surface of the cupola is nodose with short conical protrusions. From the lower margin of the thorax to the base of the cephalis, there are 5-6 horizontal rows of pores; these pores decreasing in size in the direction of the mouth aperture. The cephalis has the form of a small dome-like, reticulate superstructure above the cupola of the thorax. This superstructure consists of pores which are larger than those on the thorax; they are triangular or tetragonal instead of rounded, with narrow bars between them. The number of pores on the cephalis is small, obviously not over 6-8. From the apex of the cephalis arises an apical spine; it is smooth, massive and somewhat shorter than the basal spines. Height 0.26, width 0.09mm.
(Dogiel) 1952











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