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Dorcadospyris simplex (Riedel, 1959)

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Shell nut-shaped or subglobular, thick-walled, with no sagittal stricture externally and with subcircular to circular pores separated by wide intervening bars. Two long feet, circular in section, proximally widely divergent and subsequently semicircularly curved to become convergent distally. The outer sides of the feet of some specimens bear small (4-8µ) conical spinules. The cephalis of some specimens bear a short, weak apical horn. This species is distinguished from all others of the genus by the long feet, which are semicircularly curved and generally simple in structure.
Dimensions (based on thirty specimens): Length of apical horn 3-13µ; of shell 58-75µ; of feet 235-620µ. Breadth of shell 70-95µ.
(Riedel) 1959











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