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Artostrobium miralestense (Campbell and Clark, 1944)

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Shell stout (three apertural diameters in length); cephalis generally conical (33°), its apical portion caplike, rounded, sides plane, basal diameter 1.3 apertural diameters, and length 0.3 total length, with distinct but not accentuated transverse stricture; thorax generally barrel-like, with well-swollen sides, reaching maximum diameter (1.9 apertual diameters) near its middle and similarly 30° in upper and lower section above and below widest level; aperture squarely truncate, 0.33 total length in diameter, its margin entire, and region just above forms an internal tube leading to shell cavity; surface of ceohalis heavily pitted, coarse, of thorax smooth; wall fairly uniform in thickness save in lip where it is thinner; pores of cephalis, upward of 64, well separated, deeply set, circular, some larger than others but all smaller than in thorax, with wide lentils, of thorax in 10 vertical tiers of 14-24 (or more) pores in a transverse row, circular with a few upper ones squarish, shallow, and fairly well separated, double-contoured. Length, total, 120µ; diameter, maximum, 60µ, aperture, 40µ, of thoracic pores, 3µ.
(Campbell and Clark) 1944











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