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Cycladophora cabrilloensis (Campbell and Clark, 1944)

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Shell large, generally flat-campanulate or like a coolie hat; two apical horns (about 80° apart), one, upper, longer, and stronger than other lateral one, both originating seperately on upper side wall of cephalis, horns stout (8°), conical, distally sharp and not over 0.2 maximum of shell diameter in length; cephalis caplike, conical, only 0.3 length of the horn in length and diameter, distally round, asymmetrical, and with neck stricture sharp; thorax widely subconical, its lumbar diameter 1.6 its own length, sides sometimes but not always plane, commonly a little asymmetrical, and locally bulged; abdomen a flat ring nearly whole shell length in diameter, forming a sort of a brim around thorax, lumbar stricture limiting its inner margin, free margin with short, sharp, triangular feet, one foot on each of pore-frames, lumbar stricture limiting shell-aperture; wall generally like a wickerwork or basket, thin, and open; surface of upper 0.3 of thorax with sharp , thin, conical, thorns or spines forming an accessory spinous crown around larger apical horns; pores of cephalis tiny, well separated, shallows, numerous, at thorax and abdomen, very large, subuniform, more or less subhexagonal, about a dozen in a transverse row on thorax and in six or more vertical tiers, pores of tier graduated from largest near lumbar stricture to smaller near neck, not in strict tiers but in alternated series like a network or bee-comb, abdominal pores in but a single row. Length, total, 210µ, of horns, 60µ; diameter, of abdomen, 200µ, of larger pores, 19.8µ.
Campbell and Clark 1944











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