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Bathropyramis woodringi Campbell and Clark, 1944

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Shell broadly pyramidal (30-28°), relatively wide at apertual end (sometimes reaching 0.67 total length in diameter); apex rounded, almost globular, scarcely pinched off from pyramid below it, side walls plane; eight divergent radial beams forming edges of nine plane surfaces which form sides; these radial beams relatively thin, externally sharp-edged and raised; parallel horizontal bars in nine to eleven rows, rather thicker than beams and similarly with raised edges; pores subrectangular with rounded corners enclosed by beams and bars and with wide frames, and with a coarse arachnoidal network subdividing each pore into a number of smaller areas; wall everywhere hyaline. Length, up to 210µ; diameter of aperture, up to 140µ; of largest pores 17.6 by 15.4µ.
Campbell and Clark 1944











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