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Eucecryphalus histricosus Hülsemann, 1963

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The shell consists of cephalis and thorax. The cephalis bears an apical horn and numerous small bristles which also extend over the upper part of the thorax. The thorax has a straight end or is slightly constricted distally; the pores are hexagonlly or unevenly rounded and stand in more or less regular vertical rows. In the cephalis the pores are smaller. The inner skeleton is of the Plagiocarpa type of Popofsky (1908), i.e. there are the dorsal, two lateral, one apical, and one vertical spines which all project beyond the shell wall, being only little longer than the bristles.
Two specimens: length of cephalis 0.013, 0.016mm, of thorax 0.058, 0.060mm; width of thorax 0.045, 0.050mm.
Hülsemann 1963











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