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Enneaphormis rotula Haeckel, 1881

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Cephalis very large, flat, cap-shaped, trilobed, with irregular, polygonal network. Horizontal collar-ring stout, hexagonal, with three larger and three alternate smaller sides of half the length. From the middle of the three larger sides arise three horizontal, centripetal, radial beams, which are united in the centre of the collar-septum - the three primary cortinar beams. These are prolonged outside into three centrifugal primary ribs of the thorax. From the six corners of the collar-ring arise six other secondary, thoracic ribs, equal in size and similar in form to the three primary. Each of these nine equal, straight ribs of the thorax is thickened towards the distal end, and bears at equal distances five pairs of opposite (tangential) lateral branches. The opposite branches of the neighbouring spines become united, and lie nearly horizontally in one plane, so that the flat, discoidal thorax is like a nine-angled wheel with nine equally distant spokes and five concentric, nine-angled rings.
Cephalis 0.12 diameter, thorax 0.36 diameter.
Haeckel 1887











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