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Gondwanaria deflandrei Petrushevskaya, 1975

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The outline of the skeleton is very similar to G. japonica. The cephalis is with a neck The thorax subconical, 70µm-100µm in width and in height. The upper part of the abdomen is slightly wider than the thorax. The two segments are separated by the inner ring. More pores on half of the equator of the thorax than in G. japonica (15-20), the main difference between the two species. The species differs from Dictyoceras xiphephorum in having cephalis with a neck. It differs from the specimens illustrated by Petrushevskaya and Kozlova, 1972, pl. 37, fig. 13, 14 by a more defined shell outline and an obligate ring between thorax and abdomen.
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