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Dictyophimus platycephalus Haeckel, 1887

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Shell smooth, flat, three-sided pyramidal, with distinct collar stricture. Relative length of the two joints= 1:3, breadth= 3:9. Cephalis flat, cap-shaped, three times as broad as long, with a slender conical horn of the same length. Thorax flatly vaulted, with much larger, irregular roundish, double-edged pores, and three widely divergent ribs, which are prolonged into three slender conical feet of the same length. Central capsule in the cephalis flat, discoidal, with a discoidal nucleus of half the size, and with four large pear-shaped caecal sacs depending into the thorax, each of which contains a large oil globule.
Dimensions: Cephalis 0.02 long, 0.07 broad; thorax 0.06 long, 0.18 broad.
Haeckel 1887











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