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Velicucullus altus Abelmann, 1990

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The genus is characterized by the velum on the underside of its thorax. Small hemispherical cephalis with small circular pores. Cephalis and thorax are separated only by a moderate constriction. Upper thorax large, broad conical shaped with large, subcircular, and irregularly arranged pores. The lower thorax is flat and spongy.
Measurements based on 10 specimens from Samples 113-689B-8H-3,56-58cm, to 113-689B-8H-1,120-122cm. Diameter of velum 46µm, diameter of outer rim of thorax of approximately 200µm; height of cephalis 23-26µm, width 26-33µm; height of thorax 167-215µm, width of thorax (upper part) 100-133µm, width of thorax (lower part) 200-217µm; number of pores on the thorax is 7-9 in 100 µm.
Velicucullus altus can be distinguished from V. cf. oddgurneri by its robust shell, its broad and conical thorax, and its thorax, which is not as flatly expanded as that of V. cf. oddgurneri.
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