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Clinorhabdus robusta (Abelmann, 1990)

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Cephalis spherical and small with circular pores, bearing one short apical horn. Thorax campanulate with longitudinally aligned circular pores of nearly uniform size. Abdomen cylindrical or inverted conical and inflated. The pores of the abdomen are circular to subcircular and have nearly the same size as the pores of the thorax.
Measurements based on 15 specimens from Samples 113-689B-9H-3,71-73cm, 113-689B-8H-6,71-73. Diameter of cephalis 18-21µm, length of thorax 42-53µm, of abdomen 55-68µm; width of thorax 63-66µm, of abdomen 53-75µm, number of pores in 100µm of longitudinal rows is 13-14.
The species can be separated from Cyrtocapsella longithorax by its larger and fewer pores. Petrushevskaya (1975) did not distinguish between the Miocene form of Theocorys longithorax and the Oligocene form. Cyrtocapsella robusta is probably an ancestor form of C. longithorax.
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