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Pterocorys longicollis Caulet, 1986

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Shell rather thin-walled. Three-lobed cephalis subdivided into two parts: (1) upper portion, open, cylindrical, withcircular pores, bearing a stout three-bladed apical horn, strong, with a great pore at its base; (2) lower "neck", formed by a very prominent dorsal lobe. Primary lateral and dorsal spines continue as ribs in the thoracic wall for about half its length. Sometimes, they are external, forming very small wings. Thorax is large, cupola-shaped with hexagonally framed, circular pores, quincuncially arranged and aligned longitudinally, 12-15 on a half-equator, 8-10 in a vertical series. Pronounced lumbar stricture. Abdomen campanulate. Distal end ragged; aperture never observed.
Apical horn length: 50-60µm. Total length of thorax: 40-50µm. Maximum width: 80µm.
Distinguished from the P. campanula group by pronounced bulging of the "D-lobe". Also more elongated, with abdomen walls not curved.
Caulet 1986











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