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Acanthosphaera bernardi Blueford, 1982

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Description: Shell single, 100-150 µm in diameter. Surface rough with 20-40 long-bladed spines having serrated edges. Pores elliptical, tending to be subdivided, about 11 µm in diameter, closely packed, 11 µm between pore centers. Large pores less than twice diameter of smaller pores.
Holotype: Plate 2, figure 2, DSDP Site 289, core 28, section 6, 108-111 cm, England finder W 10/4 (USNM 315052).
Distinguishing features: Single shell with many long-bladed spines with serrated edges and elliptical pores with a tendency to be subdivided. Differs from Cladococcus abietinus by its unramified spines and subdivided pores and from Halliomma macradoras Haeckel by its pore shape and single shell.
Derivation of name: In honor of my husband, Bernard Blueford, Sr.
Occurrence: Examinations of Sites 77, 289, and 66 indicates that Acanthosphaera bernardi has a lower limit in core 77B-17, core 289-31, and core 66-5. In all cores, a small form with many pitted spines occurs near the base of the lower limit. No upper limit is distinguishable.
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