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Dendrospyris stabilis Goll, 1968

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Sagittal ring subcircular; 37 to 50µ high; 30 to 40µ thick; joined directly to apex and back of lattice shell. Vertical spine very short; no frontal or axial spines; some specimens have short apical spine. Two pairs of connector bars on lower portion of front of sagittal ring. No sternal or tertiary-lateral bars; frontal, primary- and secondary-lateral bars joined to basal ring.
Basal ring oval, indented laterally and sagittally; 45-78µ wide; 30-51µ thick; joined directly to back of sagittal ring; encloses six basal pores. Lattice shell 34-132µ high; 67-102µ wide; smooth;strongly constricted at sagittal and basal rings; extends below basal ring. In some skeletons, portion of lattice shell surrounding front of sagittal ring protrudes outwards in the form of distinct blister. In complete specimens, lattice shell below basal ring closed and subspherical; in most skeletons, basal portion of lattice shell broken and shows a large irregular basal opening. Lattice pores subcircular, 3-10µ in diameter, and densely spaced. Lattice bars thin, square to rectangular in cross section, and variable number of them joined to sagittal or basal rings. No vertical, frontal, or sternal pores; no lattice or basal spines.
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