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Lophocyrtis semipolita (Clark and Campbell, 1942)

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Shell having small knoblike cephalis and abdomen with tiny, terminal feet; cephalis subglobular and tightly pinched off from the thorax, its apex armed with a needlelike and often basally ribbed apical horn; thorax hemispherical, large, strongly convex in lateral contour, and proximally limited by a septal band; abdomen subcylindrical or convex, sometimes contracted toward the aperture or even swollen in in the middle; aperture with ten to a dozen similar teeth; cephalis having small hexagonal areas bounded by ridges; wall of thorax with circular, closely set pores and having sepaloid points between the pores, the pores being set into concave areas; wall of abdomen having large, well-spaced, dissimilar pores.
Clark and Campbell 1942











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