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Lithochytris vespertilio Ehrenberg, 1873

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Shell three-sided pyramidal, with two indistinct. Length of the three joints= 1:2:5, breadth = 2:3:8. Cephalis small, with a horn of the same length, conical. Thorax with subspherical cavity. Abdomen with three rounded, prominent edges, which are prolonged over the shell-base into three conical, hollow, and fenestrated feet, twice as long as the thorax, with a thick, pyramidal, terminal spine. Pores subregular, circular, of equal size in the thorax and abdomen.
Dimensions: Length of the three joints, a 0.02, b 0.04, c 0.1; breadth, a 0.04, b 0.06, c 0.16.
Haeckel 1887











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