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Thyrsocyrtis clausa Chen, 1975

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Cephalis spherical, poreless, thick-walled, bearing a short conical horn. Thorax campanulate, thick-walled, with small circular pores of regular size and longitudinally aligned. Abdomen inflated cylindrical, separated from the thorax by a distinct constriction. Abdominal pores subcircular, of regular size, and arranged in approximately longitudinal rows in the upper part, more irregular size and arrangement in the lower part. Three diverted stout bladed feet at the base of abdomen. Shell closed by a sieve plate or a sieve sac.
Measurements based on 10 specimens from Samples 266-15-3,50-52cm; 266-14,CC; 266-15-1,45-47cm; and 266-15,CC; length of the cephalis, 36µ-40µ; of the thorax, 117µ-131µ; and of the abdomen, 126µ-154µ. Width of the thorax, 120µ-178µ; of the abdomen, 126µ-182µ. Length of the feet, 85µ-120µ.

This species is distinguished from other members of this genus by its closed abdomen and the larger size of the shell.
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