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Calocyclas disparidens Chen, 1975

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Cephalis spherical, poreless, bearing two tiny conical spines, one apical and the other vertical. Collar stricture distinct. Thorax conical or conical in the upper part and cylindrical in the lower part, with small, circular, longitudinally disposed pores of regular size; wall of medium thickness, covered by tiny spines in some specimens. Lumbar stricture marked by a distinct change in contour. Abdomen short, cylindrical, with subcircular to ovate pores of various dimensions. Shell terminated by 5-8 teeth of irregular size.
Measurements based on 20 specimens from Samples 266-12-2,100-102cm; and 266-15-3,50-52cm: Length of the cephalis, 18µ-27µ; of the thorax, 80µ-95µ; width of the thorax, 117µ-125µ.

This species is characterized by its abundant and delicate pores in the thorax and its teeth.
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