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Lithomelissa sphaerocephalis Chen, 1975

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Cephalis spherical, poreless, rough-surfaced, bearing a conical or weakly bladed apical spine about half the length of the cephalis, separated from thorax by a distinct constriction. Thorax conical with subcircular to irregular pores, commonly covered with spongy meshwork. Internal skeletal structure similar to that of Lithomelissa mitra Bütschli.
Measurements based on 30 specimens from Samples 274-21-3,54-64cm; 274-21,CC; 274-23,CC; and 274-24,CC: width of the thorax, 108µ-135µ; of the cephalis, 53µ-89µ; total length of the shell (excluding spine), 135µ-207µ; length of the thorax, 98µ-126µ.

This species is distinguished from other members of this genus by its large, poreless, and spherical cephalis.
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