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Lithomelissa robusta Chen, 1975

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Cephalis spherical, thick-walled, bearing a 3-bladed apical spine about half the length of the caphalis. Cephalic pores subcircular, of regular size, and hexagonally framed. Thorax rubust and suncylindrical with a constriction below the level where three straight, 3-bladed wings extend out. Thoracic pores subcircular, more irregular in size and shape than those of the cephalis. Mouth open. Internal skeletal structures similar to that of Lithomelissa mitra Bütschli.
Measruements based o 15 specimens from Samples 274-34,CC; 274-30,CC; 274-28,CC; and 274-21-3,54-64cm: width of the cephalis, 72µ-90µ; maximum width of the thorax, 98µ-136µ; length of the thorax, 126µ-135µ.

On all antarctic Oligocene lithomelissids, except for Lithomelissa robusta, the cephalis is about the same width as the thorax. The relatively small cephalis, as compared with the thorax, makes Lithomelissa robusta easily distinguishable from other species of Lithomelissa.
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