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Dendrospyris haysi Chen, 1975

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Saggital ring D-shaped; joined to the back and apex of lattice shell. Apical spine very short and conical. Six basal pores separated by two primary and two secondary lateral spines. Lattice shell thick, constricted at saggital and basal rings, and extending below the basal ring as thorax. Pores subcircular to polygonal and of variable dimensions; slightly larger in the thorax of some specimens. Shell generally terminated by lattice bars or terminated smoothly.
Measurements based on 30 specimens from Samples 266-19-3,50-52cm; 266-12-3,80-82cm; and 266-11,CC. Width of the cephalis 99µ-144µ, and of the thorax 90µ-126µ. Length of the cephalis 80µ-103µ, of the thorax 65µ-180µ.

This species differs from Desmospyris spongiosa Hays in the lack of a spongy shell, and from Dendrospyris stabilis Goll in having larger dimensions of the shell and less densely spaced and larger pores. These three species have similar internal structures, and belong to an evolutionary lineage, Dendrospyris stabilis->Dendrospyris haysi-> Desmopsyris spongiosa.
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