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Cycladophora pliocenica (Hays, 1965)

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Shell campanulate, divided into three segments, development of third segment variable, surface rough. Cephalis hemispherical, bearing two stout three-bladed spines, one approximately apical, as much as 3 times as long as cephalis, the other lateral oblique. Cephalis thick-walled with small circular pores scattered over its surface. Collar stricture indistinct.
Thorax campanulate, wall thick, pores circular, deeply set in thick wall bounded by hexagonal frames, 3 to 4 times diameter of cephalic pores. Pores increase in size distally, arranged in four to five transverse rows. Mouth open but slightly constricted by internal septal ring. Below septal ring occurs a fringe consisting of one or more rows of circular pores, which can be considered an abdomen. Abdomen highly variable and frequently missing. Length of apical horn 15-40, of cephalis 15-30, of thorax 80-150; width of cephalis 20-37, of thorax 115-140.
Description based on 60 specimens from cores V-16-57,880cm; V-16-59,880cm;V-18-69,960cm; V-16-116,640 and 680cm.
(Hays) 1965











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