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Cycladophora golli golli (Chen, 1975)

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Cephalis cap-shaped with small circular pores arranged in transverse rows, bearing two 3-bladed spines, one apical about twice the length of the cephalis, the other lateral oblique. Thorax conical in the upper part, inflated conical or conical in the lower part, with a distinct change in contour between. Thoracic pores circular to subcircular, small in the upper part and large in the lower part, arranged in transverse rows. Abdomen cylindrical or slightly dilated cylindrical, wider than the thorax, separated from the thorax by a distinct change in contour, with 2-3 rows of circular to subcircular pores of equal dimension. Shell closed by a sieve plate in complete specimens.
Measurements based on 30 specimens from Samples 266-18-3,51-53cm; 266-17-4,50-52cm; and 266-15-3,50-52cm: length of the shell (excluding apical horn), 103µ-131µ; maximum width of the abdomen, 102µ-113µ.

This species differs from Lophocyrtis rgipileus in having a more delicate thoracic shell and a wider abdomen, and from Theocalyptra bicornis in having an abdomen of more cylindrical shape.
(Chen) 1975











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