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Cycladophora antiqua Abelmann, 1990

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Cephalis small, hemispherical, with scattered small circular to subcircular pores, bearing two stout three-bladed apical horns one and a half times as long as the cephalis. Upper thorax conical with subspherical pores. Lower thorax wider and convex, with larger hexagonally framed subcircular pores arranged in horizontal rows. Abdomen long and distinct, wider than the lower zhorax, with pores of nearly the same size as of the lower thorax, distal pores sometimes irregular and larger. Upper and lower thorax and abdomen are each seperated from one another by an internal ring.
Measurements based on 10 specimens from Samples 113-689B-8H-3,56-58cm, to 113-689B-7H-5, 143-145cm. Length of the cephalis 16-18µm, width 18-21µm; length of the thorax 84-92µm, width 79-100µm; length of the abdomen 32-52µm, width 126-152µm; length of apical horns 18µm; number of pores on the thorax and on the abdomen is 10-12 in 100µm of horizontal rows.

Cycladophora antiqua can be distinguished from Cycladophora humerus by its longer and wider abdomen and its smaller cephalis, and from Cycladophora golli golli by its campanulate shape of the shell and the wide divergent abdomen.
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