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Desmospyris rhodospyroides Petrushevskaya, 1975

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Sagittal ring is enclosed in the cephalis and the pores are smaller and more numerous than in Desmospyris sp. A (Petrushevskaya and Kozlova, 1972, pl. 38, fig. 12, 13). No less than 9-10 pores near the ring (on one lobe of the cephalis). Pores irregular, polygonal; thick walls.Thorax and cephalis are nearly of the same width; thorax may be even a bit broader, untypical for the genus. The shell mouth is constricted, may be closed, and without any special tooth.
Antarctic Miocene.
Description is based on 14 specimens from Site 278 (Core 12). Holotype No. 63121 in the collection of the Marine Hydrobiology Department.

Petrushevskaya 1975











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