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Triceraspyris coronata Weaver, 1976

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Shell, crown shaped and heavily constructed. Sagittal ring D-shaped. Shell has deep-set circular to subcircular pores of uniform size arranged in longitude rows. Pores adjacent to the sagittal ring tend to be larger and elliptical outline. Three basal feet slightly outwardly divering, often bifurcated or trifurcated distally.
A slight sagittal stricture is observed in some specimens. Well preserved specimens also have long, broad basal feet with a small amount of lattice- work between the proximal ends. Hays and Obdyke (1967, p. 9) have previously referred to Triceraspyris coronatus as Triceraspyris sp.
Based on 25 specimens from Samples 323-2-1, 132-134 cm and E 34-5, 300 cm: Width of shell, 114-116 µ; length of shell, 84-96 µm; length of basal feet, 25-50 µm.
Weaver 1976











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