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Amphymenium challengerae Weaver, 1983

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Shell with two opposite segmented arms generally consisting of 4 to 5 distinct segments which are convex distally. Each arm segment penetrated by internal spines as basic framework.; each segment covered by lattice work of circular to subcircular pores. Internal spines extend beyond shell segments as short projections. Arms arise from central structure composed of 2 inner spherical shells and 2 outer oblate spheroidal shells, all smooth and connected by numerous beams. In well-preserved specimens a patagium occurs around central structure and most chambered arm segments.

total length, 220-160µm; length of arm, 75-95µm; maximum width of arm, 90-105µm; length of central structure, 85-100µm; width, 75-95µm. Measurements based on 25 specimens from 540cm in Eltanin Core 16-4.
Weaver 1983











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