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Acrosphaera spinosa (Haeckel, 1861)

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Collosphaera spinosa:
Die kieselige Gitterschale der in dem gallertigen Meerqualster zerstreuten Nester mehr oder weniger kugelig, mit unregelmässigen und ungleichen rundlichen Löchern und zahlreichen zwischen denselben schief abstehenden, kurzen Stacheln, höchstens 1/5 so lang als der Durchmesser. Centralkapseln (Nester) kugelig, farblos.
Haeckel 1861
Polysolenia spinosa:
Shell thin-walled, smooth, spherical, with numerous, irregularly scattered, subcircular pores of variable size, 1-4 times as broad as the bars. Short spines, usually mounted on conical elevations, project randomly over the shell surface, either singly from pore margins or from between the pores. Spines are usually conical, but may be quite sharp; often they are fenestrate near the shell and sometimes arise from as cluster of small pores rather than from a single pore. Probably these pore clusters form when a single pore is divided by a growing spine.
Nigrini 1967











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