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Lazarus 1992

Lazarus, D., 1992. Antarctic Neogene Radiolarians from Kerguelen Plateau, Leg 119 and 120. In: Wise, S.W. et al. (editors). Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, 120: 785-809.

Acknowledgement to David Lazarus and the Ocean Drilling Program for giving us permission to reproduce the plates, and to Lazarus and his students Torsten Bergmann, Florian Kunitz, Barbara Liss, Sybil Grimm, Jennifer Hofmeister, Christa Finkenwirth, Robert Kapelle for doing the scanning.

Stage coordinates of specimens (label to left, Zeiss standard microscope) follow each sample name. Magnifications given by scales A and B on each plate. All type specimens are individually marked on slides and deposited in the paleontological collections of the Geologisches Institut, ETH Z├╝rich.

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