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Jørgensen 1905

Plate 17

Fig. 92. Androcyclas gamphonycha (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. The Herlø Fiord (near Bergen), 21/6 1898, 0-400 m. A well developed specimen with very strong and numerous byspines. Cephalis 38 µ (long) x 34 µ (broad); thorax 42.5 x 76; abdomen 110 x 110; tophorn 64 µ.

Fig. 93. Androcyclas gamphonycha (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. Ofoten II, 7/2 1899, 0-100 m. Antapical view, showing the main spines (except the spine D), the "collar septum" (HCK.) and the outlines of the shell.

Fig. 94. Androcyclas amblycephalis (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. Øxsund, 17/2 1899, 550-620 m. Shell 102 (long) x 90 µ.

Fig. 95. Androcyclas amblycephalis (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. The Vest Fiord I, 0-180 m., 13/1 1899. Young specimen. Cepahlis 27 µ broad, thorax 72 µ. Cephalis as yet open above; abdomen not yet developed, only indicated through some marginal spines below.
a. Lateral-ventral view; the spine Lr in front, a little to the right.
b. The same, lateral view. The inner septum, between thorax and abdomen, is seen.

Fig. 96. Androcyclas amblycephalis (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1.

Fig. 97. Androcyclas amblycephalis (JØRG.) JØRG. Apical view, showing the cephalis open above.

Fig. 98. Clathrocyclas craspedota (JØRG.) Jørg. 380/1. Helligvær, 12/1 1899, 0-250 m. A well developed specimen; apical view. Greatest diameter of the abdomen 167 µ, of the thorax 133 µ, of the cephalis 42.

Fig. 99. Clathrocyclas craspedota (JØRG.) JØRG. 480/1. From the same locality. Young specimen; abdomen as yet wanting. a. Lateral view. b. Apical view.

Fig. 100. Clathrocyclas craspedota (JØRG.) JØRG. 450/1., Ofoten II, 7/2 1899, 0-250 m. Young specimen without abdomen. Cephalis 25 µ high x 42 µ broad below; the longest tophorn 127 µ.
a. Lateral view, showing the two strong tophorns.
b. Apical view.
c. Optical section in the region of the "neck"; apical view. The main spines, except spine D, are seen.
d. Optical section, lateral view, showing the two tophorns protuding from the inner skeleton.

Fig. 101. a. Dictyoceras acanthicum JØRG., 450/1. Skroven, 4/4 1899, 0-150 m. Apical view, showing the "collar septum", the main spines (except spine D) and the outlines of the shell.

Fig. 105. Radiosphaera acanthica JØRG. n. sp., 450/1. The Skjerstad Fiord IV, 0-330 m., 2/4 1900. Diameter of the central capsule 68 µ. The calymma quite invisible in water.

Fig. 106. Radiosphaera anacanthica JØRG. n. sp., 450/1. Kvænangen II, 0-50 m. The calymma made visible through staining with safranine.