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Jørgensen 1905

Plate 14

Fig. 59. Phormacantha hystrix (JØRG.) JØRG., 600/1. The Vest Fiord I, 13/1 1899, 0-180 m. A well developmed specimen.
a. Lateral view; placed as a species of Monocyrtida after Hæckel, with the "tophorn" upwards. The right lateral main spine, L1 in front.
b. The same, dorsal view, showing the network round the (columella and) tophorn. The spine A is removed.
c. The same, ventral view, showing the ventral sagittal spine and the network above. The other main spines are only indicated.

Fig. 60. Phormacantha hystric (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. Ofoten II, 7/2 1899, 0-100 m. Lateral view, the right lateral arch (B1) and mesh in front.
A young specimen, perhaps belonging to a species intermediate between Phormacantha hystrix and Plectacantha oikikos. Diameter of the network about 68 µ. Skeleton very light in weight.

Fig. 61. Phormacantha hystrix (JØRG.) JØRG., 380/1. Helligvær, 12/1 1899, 0-250 m. A young specimen; dorsal view. Length of the spine Lr 75 µ.

Fig. 62. Phormacantha hystrix (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. Sea off Aalesund, 61° 56' n., 2° 40' e., 10/2 1903 (S/S Michael Sars). A young specimen; ventral view. The short branch from spine Ll to the point of connection between the ventral (Bv) and the one lateral arch (Bl) is distinctly seen.

Fig. 63. Phormacantha hystrix (JØRG.) JØRG., 450/1. From the same locality. Lateral view. The short common branch, mentioned under fig. 62, is here in front, together with the right lateral arch (Bl) and the network above. The spine A is broken off.

Fig. 64. Gonosphæra primordialis JØRG. n. sp.? 380/1. The Oster Fiord (near Bergen), 13/6 1900, 200-400 m. Diameter of the ring 22 µ; length of the largest spine about 100 µ.

Fig. 65. Gonosphæra primordialis JØRG., 380/1. Ofoten II, 7/2 1899, 0-250 m. From a sample preserved in formaline.

Fig. 66. Gonosphæra primordialis JØRG., 450/1. Skroven, 4/2 1899, 0-350 m. The connecting polygonal beam, with its two long, spreading spines, is seen below and to the left. Diameter of the ring 17 µ, length of the largest spine 90 µ.

Fig. 67. Gonosphæra primordialis JØRG., 450/1. From the same locality. The two pentagons are seen above, to the right and to the left (the arrows are perpendicular to their planes), the connecting polygonal beam below.

Fig. 68. Gonosphæra primordialis JØRG., 450/1. Sea between Norway and Iceland, due east of Iceland, 65° 43' n., 3° 1' w., 14/2 1903, 100-0 m. (S/S Michael Sars). Diameter of the pentagons 22 µ; largest spines 50 µ long. Perhaps a different species.

Fig. 121. House of Cyttarocylis denticulata (EHRB.) Fol., var. subedentata JØRG. n. var.; 450/1. The Øx Fiord, 14/3 1899, 0-90 m. Length 145 µ, breath 51 µ; narrow end ("tail tip") 17 µ long. Teeth 36-38. The areoles are only figured on a little portion of the surface and the wall.