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Jørgensen 1905

Plate 12

Fig. 46. Streblacantha circumtexta (JØRG.).
g. The same specimen as fig. 46 a (pl. XI), in another position; optical section, 450/1.
h. 400/1. From the same locality.
i. The same, in optical section.
l. Young specimen, 45071. The Vest Fiord I, 13/1 1899, 0-180 m.
k. The same, in optical section.

Fig. 47. Campylacantha cladophora JØRG. n. sp., 450/1. The Tys Fiord I, 28/3 1899, 0-700 m. In this figure, and in the following of species of the group Nassellaria, the letters have the same signification as in the corresponding description given on pp. 122-140: A is the apical main spine, D the dorsal one, Lr the right lateral, Ll the left lateral main spine, V the ventral sagittal spine.
a. Oblique lateral view. The secondary lateral spines are not seen.
b. Oblique view, where one of these secondary lateral spines is distinctly seen.
c. Dorsal view, showing both these secondary spines.